26.07.2021 Travel Diary | Day 1
written by Lisa Haucke

We’ve been planning and preparing this trip for a long time, talked about the historical background and the historical personalities who would be the main part of our short films – and now are exited about everything what is going to happen. 

We met each other before on zoom and only once or twice in person, but this is the first opportunity to really get to know each other on a deeper level. 

The departure went well: we met at 5pm at the Haus der Jugend Zehlendorf and got on the bus at 6pm. 

26.07.2021 - Departure
Berlin departure | 26.07.2021

Right now we are driving on the highway and we will continue to do so for another 13 hours. So there will be a lot of chatting, maybe some games and probably (hopefully) some sleep so that we are fit and ready to meet our friends in Belgrad tomorrow.

26.07.2021 - View out of the bus window.
On the highway | 26.07.2021