2021-07-20 to 2021-11-25

The arrival to Germany started with an accident. On the way from Belgrade to Berlin, in the morning of July 30th, just one hour from destination a serious bus accident happened . All the passengers were transported to hospitals, the first one could leave in two hours, the last one has been stayed for two months. Everybody survived. Finally, we have had a blessing in disguise, Glück im Unglück, sreća u nesreći, but the individual after-effects of the accident are not gone yet.

Being in Berlin, we’ve been meeting every day in the garden of Haus the Jugend, near the Waldsee lake. Our group grew bigger and bigger every day, as people had been discharged from hospitals. A week later, the most of the Belgrade group could fly home; Zorica has named her final movie “Friendship for ever”. Thanks to everybody who has helped us during these hard times!

Besides the health issues, the main question remained was a wrap-up of the project. Of course, the trip was over, but should the accident become the end of the whole story? – We were lucky that the pictures shot at historical sites were safe in the stores of different mobiles, as well as various videos from Belgrade and Narvik: the Norwegian group was on the road at the same time, but in the North of Norway. So, let’s put the pictures from our various perspectives together. At least ten single movies plus a collective film with the overview about the whole project were made. These were the stories of the forced labour workers, deported from the German occupied Serbia to the German occupied Norway, starting in summer 1942.

In 2021, on November 25th, our final event, our Završnoj manifestaciji, Abschlussveranstaltung, Slutevenemang took place – both as a stream and two real events, conducted simultaneously at the House of the Youth in Berlin and at the Centre for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade.

The folder find you here, the films will you get on the blodveger homepage.

Photos by Alexander Skoczowsky