Today time was so short and there were so many new impressions

29.07.2021 Travel Diary | Day 4
At the beginning of the day, we returned to the Jajinci Memorial Park, as we hadn’t enough time to visit the entire park yesterday. It was really important to return with more time to walk around and see the whole place. Dr. Nenad Leibensperger, a historian who guided us, told more about the place of suffering and the monument. The monument, that is an example of socialist aesthetics, was completed in 1988.

July 28, 40 degrees outside

28.07.2021 Travel Diary | Day 3

Under the burning sun

27.07.2021 Travel Diary | Day 2
We arrived to Serbia in the morning, on the border we passed many control checks, and then after some chills if we would get through, we passed and arrived, tired but amazed to see a new city…

Today is the first day of our two weeks journey
26.07.2021 - Bus View

26.07.2021 Travel Diary | Day 1
We’ve been planning and preparing this trip for a long time, talked about the historical background and the historical personalities who would be the main part of our short films – and now are exited about everything what is going to happen.