2021-07-29 to 2021-07-31

Coming from Tromsø to Narvik, visiting the bunkers from World War II, the War and Peace Museum, but first of all the further prison camps in Beisford and Øvre Jernvann/Bjørnfjell near Narvik. The camp Beisfjord was at the edge of a small village, the camp on Bjørnfjell was located in the high mountain in Arctic conditions.

900 Yugoslav prisoners came to Narvik in June 1942. 748 of them (83%) died in Beisfjord and Øvre Jernvann/Bjørnfjell between 24 June and 23 October 1942, during four months.

In October 1942, 152 surviving Yugoslav prisoners from Beisfjord were sent to the camps Korgen and Osen in the southern part of Nordland county. Only 96 prisoners (from these 900) were alive when Word War II ended in Norway.

For more information: https://blodveger.info/norway-under-german-occupation/

Photos by Marija Stancic, Nora Pedersen, Pernille Ryen and Katharina Bökenbrink.